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From: cutelink Date: 2011-01-06

FE1 V.35 Ethernet 光猫应用方案

CuteLink 光猫型号:
CL-FOM100    FE1 Fiber Modem                                   AC+DC Dual-Power
CL-FOM135    V.35 Fiber Modem                                  AC+DC Dual-Power
CL-FOM101    Ethernet Fiber Modem                           AC+DC Dual-Power
CL-FOM104    4*Ethernet Fiber Modem                       AC+DC Dual-Power
CL-FOM100S  FE1 Fiber Modem                                  AC or DC Single-Power
CL-FOM135S  V.35 Fiber Modem                                 AC or DC Single-Power
CL-FOM101S  Ethernet Fiber Modem                          AC or DC Single-Power
CL-C1100        FE1 to Ethernet Converter                   AC or DC Single-Power
CL-C1200        FE1 to Ethernet Converter                   AC+DC Dual-Power
CL-C3100        FE1 to V.35 Converter                          AC or DC Single-Power
CL-C1400        FE1 to 4*Ethernet Converter               AC+DC Dual-Power

Case 1. FE1 Fiber Modem work with V.35 Fiber Modem and FE1 to V.35 Converter.
Case 2. FE1 Fiber Modem work with V.35 Fiber Modem.

Case 3. FE1 Fiber Modem work with Ethernet Fiber Modem and FE1 to Ethernet Converter.
Case 4. FE1 Fiber Modem work with Ethernet Fiber Modem.

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